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No. 5 ‘The Rage of the Tsar’ Pedal

Product Info

The Rage of the Tsar is a vintage Russian Germanium Fuzz pedal. Completely hand made, a fuzz circuit on old school turret board, point to point wiring with big meaty components, carefully sourced and selected transistors, just the way we know you like it!

The artwork for these pedals has been created by our friend Chris Dorning aka @thecunningcraftsman. Chris has hand painted each pedal giving all 36 a unique design, which united make up a larger image of the Tsar reigning doom over his deceased subjects.

This strictly limited edition fuzz gives you those thick creamy classic tones, cleans up your humbuckers if backed off to glassy trebles…. and then you can turn it up! On full it is an all out square wave doom machine. Angry, aggressive, loud, brutal. Just like the Tsar himself.


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