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Booooom / Blast Pedal 2.0

The rumours are true!

There is a second run of the Booooom Blast pedal and it is available sooooon!

The same offensively loud circuit, a slight upgrade to the LED's and a different colour stripe painted by Simon. We have even hand painted the packaging this time!

It goes on sale on Tuesday 30th November.

The Biffy merch website will be open for orders from 11am GMT.

I hope you have managed to see some or play some live shows recently. For me it has been absolutely wonderful to be hearing live, loud guitars again. Turn yours up and rock out! Stay safe, and have a rocking Christmas when it comes.

Churd x

Booooom Blast 2.0 pedal will be available to purchase for £299 via the Biffy store website:

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