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Introducing The SERGERY Pedal

The Psychedelic hype is real! Presale for the SERGERY is at the end of this month!

The SERGERY guitar pedal has been designed aesthetically by Serge and sonically by Richard ‘Churd’ Pratt from Gone Fishing Effects. Born from Serge’s meticulous eye for style and design, coupled with a desire for functionality and a great guitar sound. This is a psychedelic vintage fuzz pushing a long classic reverb, transforming your boring guitar’s voice and letting it party!

Churd and Serge worked closely to develop this clean, inspiring pedal. Made from stainless surgical steel, this no knobs noise box gives you Serge’s sound right on your pedal board. Churd has toured the world extensively with Kasabian and on Serge’s breathtaking solo project The S.L.P. Friends for years, this is the culmination of a musical and technical journey. This new guitar pedal is the sound of the forthcoming Kasabian record ‘Happenings’.

Serge says “The SERGERY pedal is a collab between Gone Fishing Effects and myself. When I first sat down with Churd, what I always wanted to achieve and where the idea started was how do we get the most perfect late 60s, early 70s amp sound in a small box that you can fit in a backpack. Then I thought, we need a reverb, because that was also another huge thing. I wanted the sound of a Morricone soundtrack. So we wanted to create that amazing overdriven fuzz with the combination of the reverb from the Morricone soundtracks. I wanted to have a psychedelic vintage amp sound with reverb, that you can easily take on the road. So we created the SERGERY pedal, and now wherever I am in the world I can plug in the SERGERY pedal and like surgery itself it fixes all the problems!”

Presale date: Friday 31.05.2024 at 7pm BST. Pre-sale £295 via our website: www.gonefishingeffects.com/shop

If the Booooom Blast is anything to go by, we are expecting rapid orders, set your alarm so as not to be disappointed! Shipping estimate: end of September 2024.