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Introducing the pedal Grim

The Grim pedal is a one of a kind vintage Germanium Fuzz pedal. Completely handmade, a fuzz circuit on an old school turret board, point to point wiring with big meaty components, carefully sourced and selected transistors, just the way we know you like it!

But why only one? Back in 2021 when I was making the Tsar pedals, I found two vintage germanium transistors that stood out as having a higher gain than the other transistors. In a bid to keep the Tsar pedals all sounding uniform I kept these two meaty transistors aside. Where they sat in my toolkit, waiting patiently, for a time when they would be called up to duty…That time is now!

This strictly limited edition fuzz is not for the sensible hearted. It boosts your signal at the same time as it crushes your guitars wave creating ‘that’ absolutely necessary noise.This Fuzz will inspire and scare you in equal measures! On full it is an all out square wave doom machine. Angry, aggressive, loud, brutal, but above all grim.

The artwork for these pedals has been created by illustrator Jessica Jumpers and had been hand painted by artist Rachel Porter.

Here’s a quick demo video with guitarist Matt Allen. Matt and I made this video when I had a few spare moments at Glasgow Arena on the Stormzy Tour.

We are releasing this one off pedal as part of prize draw to raise money for an upcoming short film project ‘Grim’.

‘Grim’ is a dark comedy short being produced as a collaboration between Found Films and mental health organisation We Are Hummingbird. The story follows Sam, a grieving man who’s plans to end his life are thwarted by the presence of a seemingly sinister stranger.

The film will feature original music from New York based artist DM Stith and UK based grime punk duo Bob Vylan. By making a film about suicide (albeit a shady one) they aim to raise awareness about suicide and the importance of talking about mental health issues.

Why are we backing this film project?

Approximately 6,000 people die by suicide each year in the UK and many more will make a suicide attempt. Men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women. But suicide is often a topic we choose not to discuss.

Suicide affects us all, and is sadly a subject very close to my heart. Having been affected by losing friends and colleagues in the music industry, I have made this pedal to support the creation of the short film ‘GRIM’ which sets out to raise awareness around these issues and seeks to find an alternative way to get people talking, which we all know isn’t always easy.


Tickets are available now: