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The Simon Neil Booooom / Blast Pedal

We’re excited to finally bring you the news of a collaboration between us and Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro.

Presenting the Simon Neil Booooom / Blast Pedal! A limited edition guitar pedal, hand painted and signed by Simon Neil himself. Each unit will be meticulously handmade by his guitar technician Richard (Churd) Pratt, here at Gone Fishing Effects.

As Simon’s guitar technician for nearly two decades, Richard and Simon have travelled the world together, touring the smallest bars and clubs, to the biggest stadiums… and everything in between. The booooom / blast pedal has been designed to sonically and physically stand up to the live arena. It is made from the very best components and is the loudest effects pedal we have ever heard!

Blast is a wild transistor fuzz effect which ranges from grainy break up to all out square wave. Booooom is a thick aggressive germanium diode overdrive which although brutally powerful, still retains an analogue transparency that allows your guitar’s voice to be heard right through the saturation.

Two pedals in one box, they can be individually assigned to separate loops on a pedal selector, or plugged straight into your amplifier. Through a rigorous process, Simon and Richard have tuned both effects to bring that Biffy sound to your guitar rig.

It’s been an epic journey working together, figuring out how to bring the noise, chaos and energy of a Biffy Clyro live show into a guitar rig. This pedal has been many years in the making. Blood, sweat, solder burns, tears, failure, success, deafness and delight have all gone into the creation of this new pedal!

You can purchase the Pedal from Friday 6th November from the Biffy Store

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