Our Story

In the North of England is a village nestled between the Lancashire hills. From a small workshop the growl and roar of distortion breaks the silent tranquility. This is the headquarters of Gone Fishing Effects. 

For over two decades Richard ‘Churd’ Pratt has been touring the world as a Guitar Tech and Stage Manager. Working with numerous bands and artists including Biffy Clyro, Kasabian, The Prodigy, The Script, Editors, Helmet and Oceansize.

Despite each band and artist having different styles and musical needs, they all aspire to have the best guitar sound! Having toured with such talented artists, Richard has learnt that it’s the minute details that can make all the difference in the search for the perfect tone.

You could put it down to his inability to sit still for more than two seconds, but given an hour or two’s free time side of stage, Richard can always be found repairing and modding gear. It’s these years of learning and tinkering that has led to Richard setting up Gone Fishing Effects, so he can bring these uncompromising guitar tones to you! 


So, why the name Gone Fishing Effects? Anyone who knows Richard knows that his second passion (or is it 1st?!) is fishing. There is a wonderful and necessary juxtaposition, between the noise and chaos of putting on live shows and relaxing on a day off by a riverbank. He is rarely found without a rod nearby, his rods travel the world with him, in fact there aren’t many countries he hasn’t fished!

Photo credit: Carla Mundy